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Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

For members who finance a vehicle loan through PCFCU, Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) provides an extra cushion of security in the unfortunate event that the vehicle is stolen and not recovered, or when the vehicle sustains damage that is deemed irreparable by the vehicle's major insurance provider.  As its name implies, GAP pays the difference between the auto insurance settlement amount and the outstanding loan balance.  With GAP insurance on the vehicle, the member incurs no out-of-pocket expenses when there is a disparity between the the vehicle claim settlement amount and the outstanding vehicle loan balance.

  • Affordable coverage with the premium built into your loan payment
  • When GAP Insurance is applied, the member receives $1000.00 towards the purchase of another vehicle that is financed through PCFCU
  • No insurance agent involvement. Your PCFCU Lending Representative is responsible for all of the details

Questions about the Guaranteed Asset Protection program? Contact our Lending Department at or by phone at 1-800-462-1711, option 3.