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Extended Warranty Protection Plan

With any new vehicle purchase, it should never be assumed that the manufacturer’s warranty will cover every malfunction. As a matter of fact, the vehicle's warranty will oftentimes expire well before any kind of significant trouble surfaces.  It is the same for pre-owned vehicle warranties.  Accordingly, the majority of car owners are vulnerable to paying steep out of pocket expenses for unexpected auto repairs.  PCFCU Mechanical Repair Coverage helps protect this vulnerability.  Our Extended Warranty/Mechanical Repair Protection Plan is generally less expensive than purchasing an extended warranty package offered by the dealership, and it has significant benefits that dealership warranties just don't cover!  These include:

  • 24-hour Road Side Assistance
  • Towing and car rental reimbursement
  • Hassle-free claim payments made directly to the repair provider
  • Transferable coverage -- the policy is transferable between the vehicle's owners thereby increasing the vehicle resale value
  • Plan flexibility -- choices for protection levels, terms, mileage limits and deductibles
  • Program guidelines that allows coverage for most vehicles

Questions about PCFCU's Mechanical Repair Protection Plan?  Contact our Lending Department at or by phone at 1-800-462-1711, option 3


Be sure to include Extended Warranty Insurance when you finance a vehicle with PCFCU!