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Insurance Products

For PCFCU members utilizing a PCFCU lending product, we offer a number of insurance services for your added protection.  These products include:

  • Credit Life Insurance – Insurance protection to reduce or pay your insured loan balance in the unfortunate event you pass away with an active loan.  Learn more
  • Credit Disability Insurance – Insurance protection to reduce or pay your insured loan balance should you become disabled due to a qualifying illness or injury.  Learn more
  • GAP Insurance (Guaranteed Asset Protection) – Insurance protection to cover any unpaid vehicle loan balance following the settlement of insurance claims, should you experience the theft of a vehicle that is not recovered or when the vehicle sustains damage that is deemed irreparable by the vehicle's major insurance provider.  Learn more
  • Extended Warranty Insurance (Mechanical Repair Coverage) – An affordable maintenance plan for new or used vehicles that provides repair cost protection beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.  Learn more

Questions about any of these loan insurance or protection services?  Contact our Lending Department at or by phone at 1-800-462-1711, option 3.