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Loan Interest Rates

Consumer Loans:

Signature (Personal) Loan As low as 9.47% Max 60 months
Phone Access Loan (PAL) As low as 10.49% N/A
New Auto Loan Special (including motorcycles) As low as 1.49% Up to 36 months
New Auto Loan (including motorcycles) As low as 1.79% Up to 60 months
Used Auto Loan or Refinance for vehicles less than 5 years old (including motorcycles) As low as 2.50% 24-60 months
New Boat or New Recreational Vehicle As low as 7.42% 120 months
Used Boat or Used Recreational Vehicle Loan As low as 8.44% 84 months
Home Equity Loan - Fixed (1st Lien)
As low as 2.75% 60 months
Home Equity Loan - Fixed (2nd Lien)
As low as 2.99% 60 months
Home Equity Loan - Variable As low as 3.25% 120 months

* ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE.  All rates are subject to change without notice.  Rates are based upon the type of loan, term of loan, method of payment and credit worthiness.  All loan approvals are subject to normal underwriting guidelines.  Home equity loan rates are based upon a loan to value ratio of 80%.

Members receive a 1/2 percent reduction to the loan interest rate when the monthly loan payment is drawn automatically from their PCFCU checking account. (Does not apply to new/used auto loans or 5 year home equity loans)

Members receive a 1/4 percent reduction to the loan interest rate for an ACH loan payment from another institution, or for a loan payment made through payroll deduction.  For coupon loan payment by mail, no rate reduction applies. (Does not apply to 5 year home equity loans)

Home Equity Line of Credit:

  • 3.25% current variable rate as of the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate Index Table
  • Maximum 2% annual adjustment
  • Variable Rate: 16% Ceiling; 2% Floor
  • 10 years max amortization

Share Secured Loans:

  • 4.00% - 36 Month Maximum Term
  • 4.25% - 60 Month Maximum Term

VISA interest Rates:

  • Visa "Classic" interest rate as low as 10.25%. No annual fees. 25 Day Grace Period.
  • Visa "Platinum" interest rate fixed at 7.9%. Credit restrictions apply.