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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a FREE and convenient way to manage your pay check, pension check, government insurance check (social security, etc.) or tax refund. It gives you the option to safely transfer those funds to your PCFCU account without the need to visit the branch in person.

The benefits of direct deposit include:

  • Quicker access to your money (direct deposits are processed faster than paper checks)
  • Lost or stolen checks are eliminated
  • Increased confidentiality, security and control with an electronic transaction
  • Ability to divide your check into set amounts and distribute funds to sub-accounts
  • Environmentally friendly due to paperless transaction
  • IRS allows taxpayers to receive their tax refunds via direct deposit
  • Convenient alternative for you if you do not live near a PCFCU branch or Credit Union Service Center

Since May 2011 the government has required that you receive payment through direct deposit or a pre-paid Debit Card known as, Direct Express Debit Master Card ®. For additional details, visit

If you are interested in establishing Direct Deposit, complete a direct deposit form and submit it to your employer or appropriate government agency responsible for processing your federal benefits.

Click here to print your Direct Deposit Form.

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